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Thanks to Kawai's class-leading Responsive Hammer III keyboard action, you can now experience the supreme touch of an acoustic grand piano. With its realistic movement and rigid, springless design, you will never look back at your old piano again. Kawai's attention to detail has resulted in structural noise and key wobble being kept do a minimum, even during staccato and fortissimo passages.

Similar to all of Kawai's pianos, the CN39's keyboard has been weighted to mirror the heavier bass hammers and lighter treble hammers of an acoustic piano. For additional realism, the CN39 features counterweights which have been embedded within each key. These balanced weights will lighten the touch of the keys during gentle passages, while adding a greater feel of grandeur when playing with power. The CN39 even features let-off simulations which recreates the subtle notch felt when playing the keys of a grand piano.

World-class sounds

To ensure you have the best possible experience, the sounds of the SK-EX, SK-5, and EX have been placed into the heart of the CN39. These Shigeru Kawai instruments can be found in the most prestigious concert halls and musical institutions throughout the world, and are recognised for their outstanding tonal clarity and exceptional dynamic range. Professional pianists often select these pianos for prestigious events such as the Chopin, Tchaikovsky, and Rubinstein international piano competitions, among others. Now you can play on a Shigeru Kawai. All 88 keys of the SK-EX, SK-5, and EX concert grand pianos were painstakingly recorded, then accurately reproduced as high-fidelity digital waveforms. Unlike other piano manufacturers, Kawai records each note individually to preserve the grand pianos' unique harmonic character. This way, you always get an accurate representation of the original instruments.

But the CN39 doesn't just come with piano sounds. It includes 355 high-quality tones from all over the world, including electric pianos, church organs, strings, choirs, and rhythms. For extra experimentation, the CN39 features Dual playing mode, which enables you to play two different sounds at the same time, such as a piano and strings. The CN39 even includes a Four Hands mode which divides the keyboard into two separate keyboards. This is a must-have for teachers as it enables a teacher and student (or student and student) to play at the same time, while only requiring one instrument.

Onkyo collaboration

Kawai's collaboration with audio company Onkyo ensures the CN39 has impressive tonal depth. By using premium components to deliver professional level audio, the CN39 can produce an extremely clear sound with minimal distortion. Onkyo have used their unrivalled knowledge of audio components to ensure a high-fidelity sound with minimal distortion. Even the speakers in the CN39 were designed to produce a flat frequency response to guarantee accurate reproduction of the Kawai SK-EX grand piano.

Digital flexibilty

To complement the CN39's rich sounds, it also offers a strong selection of digital features for further enjoyment. Now featuring both wireless Bluetooth and audio, the CN39 can communicate with supported smart devices - completely wirelessly. Once paired, you can easily expand the functionality of the CN39 with a range of performance, scoring, and educational apps.



  • Action: Responsive Hammer III
  • Key Material: Plastic
  • Key Surface: Ivory Touch
  • Let-off simulation: Yes
  • Sensors: 3
  • Velocity Curves: Light 1/2/3/4, Normal, Heavy 1/2/3/4, Off (Constant), User Touch Curve
  • Key Lid: Yes (Sliding Type)

Sound Source

  • Sound Source: Progressive Harmonic, 88 Key Sampling
  • Sounds: 355 incl. Drum Sets, GM2 compatible
  • Polyphony: max. 256 notes
  • Virtual Technician: 20 Parameters
  • Keyboard Modes:Dual, Split (incl. Volume/Balance), 4Hands
  • Reverb: Room, Lounge, Small Hall, Live Hall, Concert Hall, Cathedral
  • Effects: Mono Delay, Ping Delay, Triple Delay, Chorus, Classic Chorus, Ensemble, Tremolo, Classic Tremolo, Vibrato Tremolo, Tremolo+Amp, Auto Pan, Classic Auto Pan, Auto Pan+Amp, Phaser+Auto Pan, Phaser, Classic Phaser, Phaser+Amp, Phaser+Chorus, Rotary (1 6)
  • Tuning: 10 Temperaments



  • Metronome/Beats: 10 Beats + 100 Rhythms, Tempo and Volume adjustable
  • Recorder: 10 songs, 2 tracks – max. 90.000 notes; 16 track songs with USB memory installed
  • Lesson Function: Songs from Alfred, Burgmüller, Czerny, Beyer, and Bach lesson books.
  • Concert Magic Songs: 88
  • Demo Songs: 31



  • Display: 128 x 64 Pixel OLED
  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth (Ver. 4.0; GATT compatible), Bluetooth Low Energy MIDI Specification compliant
  • Registrations: Yes, 16 Memories
  • USB Functions: Playback: MP3, WAV, SMF ; Recording: MP3, WAV ; Funktions: Audio Overdub, Converting Song to Audio, Internal Songs load, Internal Songs save, SMF Song save, Registration load, Registration save, File delete, USB format
  • Other Features: Dual/Split/Four Hands, Metronome (with 100 rhythms), SHS Mode, Bluetooth MIDI, Bluetooth Audio

Sound System

  • Sound System: 13 cm x 2 Bass speaker, 8x12 cm x 2 Treble speaker
  • Amplifier: 2 x 20W
  • Power Consumption: 18W


  • Pedals: Grand Feel System with Sustain (Half-Pedal), Sostenuto and Soft
  • Music Rack: Extra large, adjustable
  • Jacks: MIDI (IN/OUT), USB (to Host + to Device), LINE IN (L / MONO, R), LINE OUT (L / MONO, R), Kopfhörer x 2 (1/4" and 1/8" Stereo jacks)
  • Finish: Satin Black / Satin White (as mentioned in the Page)



  • Height in cm: 88
  • Width in cm: 145
  • Depth in cm: 44
  • Weight in kg: 54.0

Kawai CN 39

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